MuseumDraw: World Heritage Sites

Part of my Presentation for Creative Tech Week will focus on how MuseumDraw is a Rainbow Bridge to a Better World. The following videos will demonstrate MuseumDraw highlighting World Heritage Sites. My teen Summers and part of one school year were spent in an Indian Jones fantasy live-learning history in Jerusalem's Judean foothills and exploring Ancient Israel. The archeological digs and long desert hikes to ancient sites solidified a deep foundation and is the source of my dedication to World Heritage Sites today. My forthcoming 4-part series "Feminine Identity in Ancient Israel" will be an educational and deeply personal portrait, literally drawing my own identity.

Remembering when I first introduced my intent, during Sharna Jackson's panel on Museum Games, at my first museum conference (#MCN2012). I explined that games are a Rainbow Bridge to difficult places. I said "I'm drawing your collections today to make friends and so you feel good..but pretty soon I'm going to draw art in your collections that address war, rape, genocide and other forms of social violence, so we may finally talk about it." No one was quite expecting that from the friendly new girl who had just drawn their Portraits and their museum's Soupcans... but that was why I was really there. Why I am here.. now.

For #Unite4Heritage and Yemen Heritage Week, Paige Dansinger draws silver Yemenite Jewish Wedding Necklaces from the collections of the @MetMuseum and @TheJewishMuseum. It will be presented at Creative Tech Week, NYC, 2016.
As terror attacks plague the residents and visitors to Turkey. I draw 15-17th C.plates from Iznik in Western Anatolia, Turkey and investigate the role of Women in Islamic Art. Ultimately this is a meditation for peace in that region and the world.
Artist Paige Dansinger, examines examples of Armenia Lace small roundels in the collection of the Met Museum. These examples are used by Paige to discus Feminine Identity during social violence, war, and genocide. As a result of media blackout and denial, Paige did not even know of the history of the Armenian Genocide until reading about it on Twitter.
Paige Dansinger draws first sketches of The Parthenon, including East and West Pediments, and Peplos Scene. These preliminary sketches make the Artist wonder what color everything really was and how it would look projection mapped onto the Parthenon.. Learn more:
Artist Paige Dansinger draws Rugs from Museum Islamic Art, Doha Qatar with #DrawArt. Paige is the founder of MuseumDraw. Learn more: